Welcome to YUVAISAR 2019

Infertility is booming in India, with over 3000 IVF Clinics, the need for focused conferences targeting the Yuva is becoming particularly essential. We have been observing the trend that post-graduates are following these days and have also observed the trend with the conferences over the last decade or so. From these experiences, we have understood that evidence based teaching is one of the key requirements from conferences nowadays, its also important for us to focus on a conducive environment for discussion and provide a healthy platform for youngsters to clear their doubts and queries with the best faculties in the world. Yuva ISAR will be a unique forum for clinicians and embryologists to review and discuss the current practice guidelines and experiences in evidence based manner. The Yuva ISAR will work to promote our extremely talented youngsters and bring them to the forefront of this organization.

Important Dates